Who is All Gifted?


All Gifted LLC was incorporated in Delaware in 2014. We want to educate to the ends of the earth using intelligence management.  We own a high school, provide parent seminars, and run programs for babies and older children.

What is Intelligent Management? We coined this word up in 2015, when our founder retired from the university and decided to spend the next five years researching into education.

Pamela Lim

How was All Gifted Founded?

Our founder is Pamela Lim and All Gifted LLC was founded when she was still lecturing in the university, where she taught entrepreneurship and innovation. Even in the university, she was researching and prototyping systems that explores the children intelligence.

In 2012, she decided to spend most of the time researching on education, when her children had problems fitting into traditional public schools. Her story is documented here.

When she was left with no choice, Pamela crafted a syllabus for her children. She researched and found interesting resources from various parties to incorporate into her repertoire. Merging her own materials and those she had found, she managed to devise an efficient and effective system. She then used these systems to teach her five children primary school to pre-university topics, seeing them all qualified and entering to universities by 14.

She then patented these processes, and made them into systems using her technical programming skills.  These systems were implemented in Singapore Management University as well as All Gifted High School.

Since then, thousands of students have passed through the portals of All Gifted. They found a completely different way of being educated- an individualized experience; where they are allowed to pursue their knowledge at a pace applicable to them.

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All Gifted’s Focus


Quality is ensured in everything we deliver. Our Kindy to Pre-University programs are accredited by the highest authorities in the world, and our diploma is accepted by all international universities in the world.

State-of-the-art Technology

Our systems are built in-house using the latest technologies available. We use artificial intelligence and algorithm to deliver great learning experience for students, and productive tools for educators and decision makers.


We leverage on technology to customize education for each child. When it comes to teacher-student ratio, we provide the unbeatable 1:1 ratio.

Omni-channel Approach

In the new world, it is not how great the teachers are in the classroom. Instructional design must transcend the classroom into the online world, and across all devices. We get it. We’ve been doing this for more than 10 years, way before the corona virus happened.

Accreditation and Quality Assurance

Programs at All Gifted are quality assured, and accredited by the highest authorities in the world. We not only meet but exceed minimum standards. Therefore, our programs can be used for transfer credits, and entrance to higher levels of studies.

Our accreditation also ensure that we constantly upgrade our programs and improve our materials.

Use of Technology

The classroom has value in the education environment. However, the old way of transmitting knowledge to students from teachers is outdated with the availability of information today. Instead of fighting in futility with such media for attention, our approach is to leverage on these information sources.

Clever use of technology, devices, networks and media can “leap-frog” our children’s education. We seek to use technology to facilitate educators to teach better, and students to learn better- therefore integrating learning into youngsters’ lives using pervasive technology.

Individualized Education

We believe that the technology is ready for individualized education, and now is the time to revolutionize the way we deliver knowledge to the next generation. The mass education system worked well for the last 200 hundred years, or since the Industrial Revolution. But now, it’s time for change.

We work with parents, students, educators and school leaders to achieve this goal.

Omni Channel Approach

We work with schools by implementing customised systems. Through the use of the latest software applications, cutting-edge technology can be delivered to their students. These are often hosted on the cloud, and each school has its own distinct interface.

We work with countries that want to implement newer technologies in education and incorporate intelligent systems besides handing out hardware and devices to students. Although hardware is undoubtably important, PISA’s articles demonstrate that the utility of hardware can be lost without relevant software to promote learning.

We provide our apps and programs to the individual parents and students who want to either accelerate their children or find a suitable pace in which to teach their children.

Individual educators can also leverage on our system to customise a learning experience for students in their classrooms.

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