Middle school

Grade 6-8

An overview

Middle grades at All Gifted High School consists of grades 6, 7, and 8. Like their high school peers, 6-8 grade learners are assigned a certified teacher/mentor for each course. After successfully completing the 8th grade, learners are promoted to the 9th grade at All Gifted High School.

All Gifted Middle School learners progress through four core courses (English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies) and one elective each grade level at All Gifted Middle School.

Progressing Through the Grade Levels

A typical progression/schedule for middle school is as follows:

September – Start Math

(Math will end on the last day of October)

To start on September 1, you have to enroll in August, to give you time to start and finish Orientation!

October – Math

Start Language Arts (Language Arts will end on the last day of November

November – Language Arts:

Start Science (Science will end on the last day of December)

December – Science;

Start Social Studies (Social Studies will end on the last day of January)

January – Social Studies;

Start Elective (Elective will end on the last day of February)

February – Elective;

End of Grade Level at the end of February

In the above progression/example, a Middle School Learner starting during the month will start with one subject, then will pick up the second subject during the second month; meanwhile during the second month, the first subject is ending; the cycle continues until the fifth month, which is the last month of the grade level.

It takes as little as five months (assuming no extensions) to complete a middle school grade level at All Gifted.

For more information on the Grade 6-8 curriculum, please download “Grade 6 to 8 Curriculum” PDF file

Download PDF

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