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My name is Pamela Lim, and I was an award-winning and well-known entrepreneur in Asia in the late 1990s and early 2000s who became a university lecturer for the last decade. Over the next five years, I will focus my research on Education.

Entrepreneur by Nature

As an entrepreneur, I was extremely blessed to be doing something I love so much and be given numerous entrepreneur awards in Singapore and Asia, including Top 10 Woman entrepreneur 1999, The Most Promising Woman Entrepreneur 2000 and the Winner of Netrepreneur of the Year 2001. In addition, as an innovator and CEO, I was also blessed with several innovation awards, including the country’s Technology Achievement Award.

As a founder and business owner, I had my share of tears and joy for leading my own company from a small operation of just 3 people to one with business and operations in 7 countries and approved for dual-listing in NASDAQ and SGX.  I was the first Singaporean to ever achieve a First level listing approval for a company.

Educator by Calling

In 2004, I could not find any reliable help for my family with my children’s main care-giver passing on and so I decided to step away from the entrepreneurial world and chose to spend more time with my children instead. I started my career as a lecturer and educator, which does not require traveling, and have been one for a decade now! Teaching is a calling and once again, I found tremendous joy in my new capacity as an educator. I teach undergraduate and graduate students about innovation, business, entrepreneurship and strategic management.

Mother by Choice

Even as a seasoned mother and educator, I battled with education and school systems to obtain a public education for one of my sons since he was eight, and was disappointed to learn that as a tax payer, my son had no right to a suitable public education.

In order to ensure he has a decent education, I started to search for answers and alternatives for all of my children. As a result, I chanced upon many interesting options, new interesting teaching materials and learning activities.

Unexpectedly, my children did very well academically. Four of my five children became early entrants to good universities and colleges by fourteen. It is interesting how things turned out: that I am a mother, an entrepreneur and an educator and the paths just converged.

Whenever my story is told, people are amazed and want to know how this can be done.  Hence, I find it meaningful to spend the next few years researching into education and share my findings with those who might be in the same situation I was in.

Since 2012

“One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child.” ~Carl Jung

Since 2012, I have been documenting my findings and struggles here and on social media. This is the website I will do my draft projects and research. I will show you how you can also enhance your children’s education using resources that I have gathered. I don’t think the education system in any country is necessarily bad, but most are indeed outdated and do not cater to individual needs. Yet, I believe we can still work within the systems and ensure the optimum for our children.

A lot of things that I believe in: like personal education, parents’ involvement in education, artificial intelligence, did not really take off until the pandemic. So for some reason, I appreciate this shift in paradigm.

If this page has helped you in some ways, please suscribe to my newsletter and spread the word, leave a message and let me know! It will serve as an encouragement to me! I will attempt to answer as many queries as I can. Certainly, the more people share with me their thoughts, the more I will learn and the more I will share.


*Photo by courtesy of Hong Huazheng (my student)

Parents’ Seminars by Pamela Lim

Parents’ Seminars by Pamela Lim

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