Working with Parents

Led by Pamela Lim, our parent seminars impart to you her knowledge on raising and educating children. Pamela’s unique viewpoint has allowed many a child to break out of the traditional education system to discover and nourish their own special capabilities. From early reading techniques to raising gifted children to early university entry, these seminars have imparted tried-and-tested knowledge to many a struggling parent.

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Student Programs

All Gifted provides accredited courses to help all learners from kindergarten to pre-university. Our courses centre around individualisation as a learning methodology, best supported by our self-designed learning system. This, alongside our secondary focus of motivating and increasing a child’s confidence, is our proven methodology for increasing a child’s learning performance.

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Providing Technology to Schools

All Gifted School partners with schools and educational facilities to provide learning systems and enrichment programs. Based on a highly effective instructional design, our programs bring individualisation and adaptive learning to traditional classrooms, allowing each student to move at a suitable pace while enjoying the benefits of school. If you are a school or institution, write to us to try our state-of-the-art Learning Management System.

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Parent Seminars

  • Sale!

    Accredited Online Language Course

    $250.00 every 3 months and a $50.00 diagnostic and plan one-time fee
  • Baby Reading Program

  • Sale!

    Alternate Pathways

  • Sale!

    Be Academically Gifted

  • Sale!

    Set Right Foundations – Teaching to Read, Gifted Learning, and More



  • All Gifted Primary Program

    From: $350.00 every 4 weeks with a 7-day free trial and a $500.00 diagnostic and plan one-time fee
  • AllReady! Holiday Kindy Math Program

  • Primary School Math Diagnostic Test

  • PSLE Math Rocket Program – Guarantee 2 Level Improvement

    $3,000.00 /3 months
  • All Gifted’s Toddler’s Reading Program

    $360.00 one time (3 months)
  • All Gifted ‘Live’ Kindy Online Math Enrichment Program

    $500.00$600.00 /term
  • Baby Reading Program

  • Sale!

    Kindy to P6 Math

    $360.00 / year
  • Individualised High School Courses (Accredited)


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