All Gifted
High school

Online School for the Digital Natives

US high school

Study abroad
after graduation

Highly qualified
US teachers

What is All Gifted High School?

All Gifted High School (AGS) is a digital high school that offers middle (grade 6-8) and high school (grade 9-12) courses for students.

All Gifted High School graduates are conferred a US High School diploma and are eligible to apply to universities in the USA and around the world.

Who are our teachers?

Highly qualified US teachers

Your course mentor (teacher) will be your primary contact for any help or advice regarding your challenges, difficulties or questions.

In AGS, we call our teachers “mentors”. All our teachers are very experienced and totally passionate about education. They are from the United States.

They comprise retired teachers/educators, current teachers/educators as well as industry professionals for the relevant subject matter.

One day in the life of an AGS learner


Views module & watches educational/ instructional videos


Works on daily assignments & communicates with teacher in chat


Submits assignments/tasks


Arranges/attends 1-1 weekly video call with teacher

Grade levels

From Grade 6 to 12, traditional setting takes 7 years. At AGS, committed learners may take only 3.5

Middle school

Grade 6-8

High school

Grade 9-12

No special requirements to apply

Full time learners spend 3-4 hours daily

You can join our school at any grade, full time or part time

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