Graduation Requirements

The table below outlines AGS’ graduation requirements that are designed to help students reach their goals and meet college requirements.

In All Gifted High School, learners take the 26 credits that are required for entrance into universities and colleges across the United States and around the world. The 26 credits, also called the Recommended High School Program, in many states, prepares learners for the rigors of colleges and universities.

Subject Credit Notes
English 4 English I, II, III and IV. Non-native speakers can replace English I and English II with ESOL I and ESOL II *
Math 4 Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry. The 4th credit can come from Math Models, Advanced Quantitative Reasoning or other courses (see advisor).
Science 4 Biology, Chemistry, Physics. The 4th credit can be chosen from course catalogue.
Social Studies 4 World Geography, World History, US History, Economics (0.5 credit), US Government (0.5 credit)
Electives 10 2 credits from World Languages. 8 elective credits that may come from any core regular course in the course catalogue
Total 28

Notes – * ESOL = English for Speakers of Other Languages

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