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This course provides materials for parents to teach their children to recognize words and read. The following makes the program more effective:

1. Child must not be older than 3 years old throughout the duration of this program. If your child is not reading by 4, you can try this.

2. Do not spend more than 30 seconds a time, or more than 15 times a day on the program.

3. Stop if either the child or you are not enjoying the program. Please then contact the course coordinator to check what you did wrong.

4. Do not test or quiz the child.

5. Do not let the child take charge of program. Always stop before 30 seconds is up, even if he/she wants to do more. Come back to the material after 5 minutes.

6. Treat this as a game. Do not be too serious. Let your child learn through play.

7. Always use a clear, loud and enthusiastic voice to read.

8. Practise with someone else until he/she thinks you are ready before starting with the child.

9. 30 seconds is only a guide. The faster you do the lessons, the more effective it will be. The faster you do the lessons, the faster your toddler will learn to think and react.

10. Do not do the lesson when you are tired, hungry or have a bad day at work.

11. Find a quiet place to teach the toddler everyday (no radio or TV or computer in the background).

12. If you miss the target for a day or two or even for a whole week, just keep going. If 3 times per set of 5 sets a day is too difficult, reduce to as few sets as you can manage. Just don’t give up. Keep going.

13. This program is guaranteed to work only if you are diligent about it, and if you keep going even if you miss a lesson or two, or even a whole week. Just keep going.