Talent Finder/Uni Path Assessmt


We will use questionnaires and interviews to identify the gifts and talents of your child, their strengths and weaknesses, and then map out a suitable wholistic path for them as they work towards their university studies. A comprehensive report will be provided at the end of the sessions. The assessment typically takes two weeks to complete.

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This is an assessment to find out your child’s gifts and talents, and then the best way to use his strengths to help him maximise that gift. Each child has a gift and a talent. It may or may not be the same as your own. It may or may not even be what the education system values. In these sessions, we will help you find out what his talents are, and how you can, through your own strengths and abilities, help him to understand himself better and then help him reach his best potential.

What we will do

We will unpack your child and break down the gifts and talents he is bestowed with, we will then rank them, so that you and he know how best he works. We will also work with you and your child to find the rest of the important attributes that are deemed important that may be his weaknesses, so that together, we can work on them.

Why do this?

You can trial and error with your child on what suits him, or spend the time and resource to do this in a methodical way. Our value is to make this discovery exercise faster, less frustrating. Ultimately, we hope the child will learn about himself faster, Assist the parent in getting him what he cares the most, and then have a good outcome in his education.

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