Individualised High School Courses (Accredited)


Details of our high school program for accreditation can be found here.

You can either subscribe for one course or for a year of course (which limits the student to take 10 courses in a year). Our counsellor will call you to discuss which subjects to take within 3 days after you order your course.

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Accredited Enrichment is the process of doing enrichment and gaining a proper accreditation for it. As such, most of our students are radically accelerated because of this concept that was developed out of All Gifted.

All our courses are individually taught, meaning the student has one to one time with our accredited teachers online. Every month, our counsellors will work with the student and the parent to work towards an education goal depending on the child’s needs and interests.

There is no limit and no minimum number of courses a child needs to take. When they are ready, we will confer a accredited diploma that allows the student to proceed with their education to a university. Our diploma is accepted by all universities in the English speaking and/or developed countries.

Each of our semester is two months long, and we start a new semester every month.

We recommend that you try one course if you are not sure, but the better plan is for the student to sign up for a year, which means our counsellor can plan and design a curriculum suitable for the student for the year.

We also recommend at least one hour of study a day, besides that 60 to 90 minutes of contact time with our trained and accredited teachers. Do speak to our counsellors to pick the best courses for the child and according to his interests.


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