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All parents want, since the beginning of time, is to see their children succeed. And we have been told again and again that education is the key. We send our children to school, tuition centres, and enrichment classes as attempts to make them more competitive jobseekers. But even so, graduate unemployment rises. Why, then, do we continue to subscribe to the outdated education system that has failed us? And how then, do we help our children stand out above the crowd?

The model where teachers are the only source of knowledge is way past its expiry date. The advent of the Internet- where limitless information can be found at the drop of a hat has changed the education landscape entirely. The teacher’s role is no longer a “sage-on-stage”, but a mentor and a guide. Yet, education systems are slow to adapt, improve, and redesign.

Individualised learning works. It is arguably one of the most effective models of instruction- discarded in the Industrial Era in favour of efficiency. Now we have the means and the ways to implement it. With trained mentors and computerised systems to track progress, All Gifted provides an education second to none. Focused on building confidence, increasing intrinsic motivation and curiosity for learning, we have developed a host of effective programs based strongly upon Pamela’s teachings.

All Gifted specialises in individualised online programs to supplement your child’s learning. We provide a range of services, ranging from PSLE preparation, 1-1 coaching, an accredited high-school program, and acceleration. Our teaching methods stem from Pamela’s teaching and experience and are centred around increasing traits like confidence, motivation, and creativity.

It’s time for parents to take their children’s education into their own hands!

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We desire to provide world-class education to the remotest.

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