We are a social enterprise, which means we are like any for-profit companies, but with a social cause.  Our social cause is to educate the world and promote literacy and numeracy to the ends of the earth.  We are not a charity, so you will never, ever hear us asking you for donations.

A social enterprise also typically does not declare dividends or pay directors’ fee. Whatever is invested is normally not paid back to its investors.

Our staff are not volunteers, we pay them full or above market rates, and we recruit the best. Our systems are designed and done by the best in the world, supported by research that earned patents in many countries.

These great innovations that are typically expensive and therefore only available to the rich in first world countries need not be esoteric. We believe the best education must reach the masses, and we mean everyone in the world.

Our Beneficiaries

Three groups are identified:

  1. Born-in-Singapore Singaporeans with a family income of less than $2000
  2. Born-in-Singapore Singaporeans with family income of less than $3000 pay half of all our courses
  3. Children in Third World Countries

How do we contribute?

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

We will provide all our courses free to children who are born in Singapore and to Singapore-born parents with a family income of less than $2000.  We hope that our programs will help alleviate the tuition costs incurred by these families.  We also hope to help such students realize their potentials. We want them to have better education opportunities than average.

If you fall into this category, all you need to do is to provide documentary proof of your place of birth, citizenship and family income.

In addition, we put aside funds for outreach purposes.  This will include meeting costs of providing our courses to children in third world countries who have no consistent access to schools.  We hope that by providing our materials free, the children will have a chance in education.

We believe education is the only social leveler, and the chance of the people and the country to come out of poverty: the way Singapore did in the 60s and 70s.

We also believe that technology can replace the lack of educators across the globe.  The technology is ready, and the time has come.

How can you contribute?

By subscribing to our courses, you are already participating in this exciting journey to help us educate the world.  We believe that children in the Third World countries must have access to even better curriculum and pedagogy than us in the First World, because their hours are precious and whatever they can afford, we must teach efficiently.  For every day that we take a child from his family, we risk his/her family some kind of livelihood.

Hence, we see the need to accelerate learning for these children, so that they can contribute meaningfully to their societies in a shorter time frame.

When we have prepared them for university, we will provide the support to put them through university with a scholarship and a family to live with when they are in a first world country for tertiary studies.

Our target?

If we manage to educate a doctor or an engineer, we would have been successful.  He/She will not only contribute to his/her society, but prove to the community that education is a way out of poverty.

And from there, our span of influence can grow.

Join us in finding that doctor or engineer, who will not be able to read a line of words unless we reach out to him/her.

What are we working on now?

We are already providing a few Singaporean families with our courses free.  In addition, we are working on getting the infrastructure ready in Myanmar  and working with a school in Cambodia to deliver our materials to those in the tribal and rural areas.

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