She told me she has to find a way to bring her daughter home from Melbourne. The university has given non-resident students only a few days to leave.

My daughter told me that the university she teaches in has announced that they’ve made a loss of $400m in the last financial year.

COVID-19 resurgence is happening from Melbourne to Texas to Wuhan after reopening.

Have you thought of the impact it will have on you?

I am afraid of catching the virus, so I diligently use my mask and wash my hands while singing the Happy Birthday song twice.

Expected Difficult Times Ahead

But even if I don’t catch the virus, I know that the years ahead will be difficult. Many retail businesses have already failed, the travel industry is experiencing unprecedented decline. In similar fashion, universities everywhere: from the United States to Australia are struggling. Many jobs will be lost.

Most of us have yet felt the full effect as there are grants and economic packages handed out to businesses and individuals so far.

Will there be continual support or will the government grants be withdrawn, leaving us to survive on our own?

Traditionally and historically, people become taxi-drivers and hawkers for alternative sources of income. However, these options seem unattractive during this pandemic.

CICA Free Course

What options do we have? I want to give you a leg up!

Whether you think that your job is at stake, believe your existing company needs a new direction or think this is the perfect time for you to embark on a business dream, I am going to help you.

I will brainstorm with you to find the most profitable niche and help you launch that business in one month. As long as you follow our method and instruction, we are confident you will build something to be proud of in a month.

Some of our students have already managed to make more than their lost income, and their businesses are still growing.


I have two conditions in order to offer the course free. One, you have to write an email to me to tell me your hopes and dreams for your future, no sob story please. Second, you have to implement what we teach in the course and take up a $3,000 implementation package so that your business will be launched in time. You must also put aside $500 to pay Google and/or Facebook for advertisement, to draw audience to your business.

I believe the pandemic can become an opportunity of a lifetime. You don’t need an idea to start but the determination to make this work.

There are thousands of feedback received from the years/decades I have taught entrepreneurship in the university from the link as well. You will read about many of my students have since become mega millionaires. Become a great entrepreneur and build a business for yourself, like them.

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