People often ask us why our students are so motivated, enjoy learning, almost always accelerated, high achievers, and make it to gifted programs and Ivy League schools.

Almost all started with parents attending one of our seminars. Skills learned in just half a day is often applicable for years and for some cases, decades.

On March 21, I will be conducting 2 seminars: Setting the Foundations Right (for parents whose kids cannot read yet) and Be Academically Gifted (for everybody).

We will be sharing the strategies to teach your children how to read, academic excellence, raising motivated kids and also entrepreneurship.
For $125, you will learn something you have never thought about.

I don’t think there is a parent seminar like ours. So please come. The seminar fees can be fully used as credits for any of our accredited enrichment courses, entrepreneur courses or reading/math programs.

Just one afternoon, we promise the education of your children will change if you apply what you learn for the rest of your child’s journey. Come and learn how to make it easier for you, your kids and your family.



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