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Kindy to P6 Math

$360.00 / year

This course makes available kindergarten to primary 6 Singapore mathematics curriculum to the student to work on their own pace. Typically, our students take 3 – 5 years to finish this course that takes 6 years to complete in a Singapore primary school. We advise students to spend not more than 30 minutes a day on the system to achieve the result.

The All Gifted Course K-6 is targeted at children who already can read and write to those below eleven years old.

The course is different from most others in that it is not grade based. With one subscription, students have access to all kindergarten to primary 6 mathematics curriculum. It is designed with All Gifted’s methodology of grading students based on their abilities and not age. It advances students based on their potential in each area of maths rather than a prescribed grade-based pedagogy.

In essence, a child is allowed to progress as far as he/she can without inhibition, and in accordance to his abilities. It is therefore suitable for both gifted children who are looking to be stretched, to weak students who need a bit more time.

Based on our research that started since 2012, the system has successfully helped students advance at least 4 years in a few months. Such performance, however, is not uniform across all students, and depends on the child’s commitment to spend time on the system, ability and inherent passion for the subject.

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