All Gifted Primary Program

From: $350.00 every 4 weeks with a 7-day free trial and a $500.00 diagnostic and plan one-time fee

The All Gifted Primary School is an individualised mentoring/tutoring program for all primary school students, of any ability. In this program, we focus on providing more than just academic content – we concentrate onĀ  improving performance through cognitive training, increasing motivation and promoting confidence. Based on a diagnostic assessment, we create a individualised program for your child.

You may be eligible for a full scholarship if your family income is less than $2000/month and a partial scholarship if family income is less than $3000/month.

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All Gifted Primary School is a one-to-one individualized mentoring and tutoring service for primary school children. We are dedicated to inspiring children with innovative and new teaching methods to nurture them into independent and lifelong learners.

We believe in providing the personal touch/attention that teachers in tuition centers or schools are unable to provide. Read more about this in Pamela’s article here.

All Gifted Primary School is more than just tutoring- we’re dedicated to honing skills that will serve your children for a lifetime:

  • Abstract thinking
  • Working memory training
  • Creative thinking
  • Meta-cognition
  • Problem-solving

We believe that learning happens only in supportive, safe environments, and we aim to create this for every one of our students. Based on a diagnostic assessment, an individualized program will be drafted out and discussed with the parents and child. After that, the child will work with our teachers at their own pace on the chosen subject(s):

  • Mathematics
  • English Language Arts
  • Science

There are several ways to use the program, including:

  • For enrichment to perform better in school or PSLE preparation
  • As entrance to All Gifted High School
  • Acceleration

Our teachers undergo strict training programs to ready them for your children and tutoring for primary school. Every teacher will undergo training to be able to teach all three of our offerings of Mathematics, English, and Science. This is so we can assign a single teacher to any child, regardless of how many primary school subjects elected, to build a strong rapport between the teacher and the student. We believe this healthy relationship between a teacher and a student is the foundation of learning.

Tutoring primary school aged children requires expertise in both the subject matter and developing a strong bond with the children. We source only the best and most dedicated teachers from around the globe, which is one of the reasons why our classes are all conducted online. Our teachers are also trained to use multimedia to enhance classes and promote understanding even further.

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Assessment and Individual Education Program


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